Golden Stone Cottages

Dressed with ‘best-in-class’ linen and the comfort of 24 hours hot-cold running water, the property has 16 cottages complete with air-conditioning, heating, fully equipped bathrooms, writing table, wardrobe and a dressing area. While having all the modern amenities, each cottage is designed in the local architectural style to resemble ‘dhanis’ or tribal huts.The accommodation experience is complete with ensuite bathrooms with a bath cubicle, wash sink and a luggage table. The bathrooms are spacious, airy and are fitted with an air-conditioner as well.

There is a private patio adjoining each cottage, which lets you experience many seasons and colours in the span of a day. So that you can enjoy the sky changing colours with panoramic views of the desert while sipping your tea in the morning, reading a book in the evenings or stare into the brilliance of a star spangled night sky.



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