Jamba- The land of Jambhoji

‘The best in us, in our nature is revealed in nature. ‘

The Retreat is located in the land of a medley of tribes, and castes. They mingle together to form a fascinating tapestry that flutters with their colourful clothing, their sloping thatched roof houses called Dhanis, their vibrant festivals, their temples, and their arts and crafts.

The Bishnois, a sect of people formed about 500 years ago are considered the oldest environmentalists of the planet. They still observe the rules established in 1485 by their founder Jambhoji, which include the protection of trees and wild animals.

Other inhabitants of the area include the herders, or Raikas, who take pride in their heritage as caretakers and breeders of ‘ships of the desert’, camels.  The Rajputs belong to the traditional ruling elite. There are also castes that specialise in weaving camel wool and cloth and adorning them with fascinating patterns.