Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

A large, cheerful area bustling with activity and courteous service, the dining cottage is located at the center of the property. 

The dining hall has a embroidered cloth ceiling, giving it the look of a medieval tent, which adds to the charm and romance. It can seat up to 40 people at one time and offers a selection of Indian, continental and local delicacies cooked by expert chefs to finger licking perfection.  

Regional Cuisine

It is said that the way to the heart lies via the stomach. With this truism in mind, the gourmets of Western Rajasthan developed a unique cuisine of their own that bypassed the handicap of the desert being mostly devoid of vegetation. By using dried local vegetables, various grains, meats and pickles, they came up with a menu which is perhaps one of the richest in India.

Perhaps the best known dish of the area is dal bati churma, made of a mix of hard unleavened bread, lentils, and a coarsely ground wheat mixture.  For the non-vegetarians, there is  a very spicy dish called Laal Maas or ‘red meat’.  Gatte ki sabzi, is a vegetable dish that does not require any vegetables as it is a curry made with gram flour dumplings!

Other popular dishes of the area include Ker Sangri, or a vegetable cooked from wild berries, and Papad ki Sabzi, which comprises of a vegetable curry made from thin Indian flatbreads of lentils. Raab is a thick broth of millet (bajra) flour and buttermilk.

Many of these dishes are eaten with unleavened millet bread (rotis).  They just form the tip of the iceberg and the curious visitor is in for many a mouth watering  surprise.

The Desert Bar

A circular room with large windows overlooking the eerie beauty of the undulating desert. Located at the North Western edge of the property, the well stocked bar provides stunning views of the sunset, even as you relax with a drink.

As the evening melts into night, you may be lucky enough to view a fox scurrying away in the moonlight, a jackal howling in the distance, or an owl hooting as it swoops down to catch a hare. These occasional noises only deepen the soothing silence.

 There is an array of board games and a mini library also to keep you occupied.

On request, the Bar can also be arranged on the Sundeck or Pooldeck for those who prefer outdoors.